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Shanna Forrestall is an experienced producer, performer, humanitarian, social media & marketing consultant, and author.

A native of Louisiana, and former 10 year resident of New Orleans, Forrestall currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she assists clients with marketing and social media management.  She also speaks and writes regularly on topics ranging from “Finding the HUMANity in Social Media and Marketing” to “Finding Love Online after Forty.”

Shanna’s years of experience planning and executing humanitarian aid projects worldwide, producing large scale events, producing reality television, short films and various digital content projects in the US and abroad have honed her skills for project management.  She is always focused on saving her clients time and money.

Shanna’s personal vision is to utilize knowledge and technology tools to assist individuals in their journey to reach personal and business goals, thereby creating a more harmonious, supportive community that benefits everyone.