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We are a team of strong women with diverse talents and background, led by Shanna Forrestall.  


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Shanna Forrestall, Marketing & Social Media Consultant, Producer, Author





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Shanna Forrestall is an experienced producer, performer, humanitarian, social media & marketing consultant & author.

A native of Louisiana, and former 10 year resident of New Orleans, Forrestall currently resides in Los Angeles, CA
where she assists clients with marketing and social media management.  She also speaks and writes regularly
on topics ranging from “Finding the HUMANity in Social Media and Marketing” to “Social Media Strategy”
for Key Talent, Professionals and/or Singles.

Forrestall’s years of experience planning and executing marketing/social media campaigns,
humanitarian aid projects worldwide, producing large scale events, producing reality television, short films
and various digital content projects in the US and abroad have honed her skills for project management.
 She is always focused on saving her clients time and money.

Forrestall’s personal vision is to utilize knowledge and technology tools to assist individuals in their
journey to reach personal and business goals, thereby creating a more harmonious,
supportive community that benefits everyone.


"Shanna was the push I needed for my new business. Her insights into how patients find me,
how they interact and eventually take action were spot on. She has been an integral part of my recent surge in business".  

- Emily, Slo Poke Acupuncture


"Shanna Forrestall was just what our business needed.  

We were looking to launch a new, fresh social media campaign for our business based in Baton Rouge, LA
and she gave us insight on how to post, when to post and what to post about on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Shanna also gave us ideas on how to reach out to help our company get published and to gain additional recognition in our local community.   She is fun to work with and loves to challenge you to grow in areas you may not think possible.

We will continue to work with her because of her comprehensive knowledge in these areas."

- Jency Griffin Hogan, Eye Wander Photo